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December 21, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I was taken down hard by some kind of cold/allergy/flu virus thing, and have spent most of my time taking medicine or laying around feeling sorry for myself.

I did just get a hold of ‘The Best of Gourmet’ (2007 Edition) from Condé Nast books (a christmas gift from a friend who knows I love that magazine). I love their photography, how they manage to consistently make the environment as interesting as the food, but never distracting, and very dark, almost subdued. It never loks like they’re trying too hard to make the food pop or be over-saturated, it’s just there.

Look what arrived in the mail today…

December 6, 2007


Can’t wait to read it, unfortunately I’m on multiple deadlines at the moment and pulling a couple of all-nighters. So after I get some sleep, all this work is done and I’ve made up to my family for being absent, then I’ll read this!

Working on a digital magazine … well in size it’s closer to a newsletter but styled like a digital magazine, trying to introduce that familiarity for the reader so they feel comfortable as soon as they open it. It’s set to be a weekly email blast to readers of its existing print brother, a place to publish the pieces that either couldn’t be made to fit or just weren’t ready at time of print. But we have a couple of other publications on deadline at the same time as this, so we’re running around like headless chickens (if chickens were obsessed with magazines).

Anyway, the author’s blog can be found here.

Rolling Stone’s 50th anniversary cover

December 4, 2007


Not much to say about this, but I thought it a little odd they used an illustration of their own logo for the cover art. Is that… what is it? I guess I’m surprised that they didn’t do some kind of image of the artists that made their magazine sell all these years. However upon reading, I do think it’s cool that they have a common theme running throughout all their articles “Where We’re Going”… it makes for some interesting content. I think some of the featured artists could have been dropped for others with a little more to say.

Look at what a budget can do for your crappy photos

December 3, 2007


Got the latest Entertainment Weekly in the mail. Couldn’t figure out why I found the cover illustration of JK Rowling somewhat odd, but upon flicking through the magazine to the story on her I realized what it was. The photograph of her was obviously just a good shot from a book signing… a well-lit book signing, but nevertheless a book signing, and didn’t look posed, it was probably just the best of the bunch. So then the illustrator worked around her adding all the Harry Potter-esque elements and came up with a pretty decent (but weird looking to my eyes) cover.

I’m mentioning this here because I can remember literally dozens of occasions where I’ve had to work with the best of a crappy set of photos in order to come up with something acceptable for publication, for a budget of exactly zero dollars. I wouldn’t want to guess how much this illustration cost (there is another full-page illustration inside the magazine of Rowling), or how short a turn-around time the illustrator was given. Also, it did strike me as a little odd that EW wouldn’t have had access to studio-shot stock of Rowling that could probably have been used to better effect. However I’m not knocking the work, it’s effective, very seasonal and unmistakably Potterfied. I also think it’s quite a departure from the usual crap on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and even though she’s on there in large part due to the success of the movies, it’s nice to see a writer as opposed to an actor or model being recognized like this.

p.s: The illustrator’s name is Matt Mahurin.

Totally awesome infographic music video

December 1, 2007

I was going to write a little about the use of infographics and was looking around on here when I came across this! So I’ll be back later when I’ve watched it ten more times.