Another recent work post…

It’s been a while! For some reason things seem to have been hectic recently even though this is traditionally not a busy time of year. Weird. Anyway, among other things I’m about to post about, I wanted to share this, which is a continuation of the new direction we’ve been taking in the photography and layout for the cover and feature well. I showed most of 2007’s covers in an earlier post, and while I was pleased with most of them, I didn’t feel we were hitting all the right notes continuity wise. I’ve had a hard time deciding if we should treat each cover story/product as a seperate entity and create a completely different look for each feature well (which we did through 2007) or go this route and have a very similiar approach to each cover and feature well, which I’ve now decided we’ll work with throughout the year. So here’s the two most recent covers using that approach (sorry, one image is a repost from the earlier post mentioned above). Also, the one on the right is in progress but finalized – I just haven’t placed hi-res yet hence the non matching green at top and bottom… but it’s close enough for blog purposes.
tas-180-cover-12.jpg tas-181-cover-4.jpg

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One Comment on “Another recent work post…”

  1. Workpost Says:

    Was pleasantly surprised to find your site dedicated to magazine design. Blog on.

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