GOOD magazine leaves me befuddled

Got the March/april issue of Good. I subscribed a year ago at a party they held after SXSW. I do like the magazine as a whole, I enjoy the content, there’s always something in there I want to read and learn from. But some of the graphic and layout choices they’ve made are questionable.

Take the contents page for example (below), which at first glance sems like a fairly standard, easy to read toc. Okay great, but then look up in the top right corner and you find a series of icons with labels such as ‘politics’, ‘business & money’, ‘health’, ‘media’, ‘culture’ and so on. Throughout the magazine you’ll find one or more of these icons in the same position on each editorial page, indicating what type of content you’re reading I assume. I guess I don’t see the point of this graphic or guide at all. Nobody’s going to use it as an actual guide to what to read are they? Is there a statement being made here that I’m missing, or is this a case of design masturbation?
good2.jpg good22.jpg

Same goes for the use of infographics throughout the magazine. This issue says the infographics were a colloboration between an infographics class from CALARTS, and Good magazine. Ok great, but I thought the whole point of an infographics was to make the information easy to read as well as visually interesting? Both examples below are visually interesting sure, but it took me a while to figure out exactly what information I was supposed to glean from these. They also seem to use up an awful lot of real estate considering how much information they actually contain. I’m all for creativity in design, especially infographics which I feel are dominated by a handful of newspapers at the moment. But if you’re going to pioneer a new and exciting way of doing things that other people are doing way better, don’t make paying readers your testing ground too early on in the process.
good3.jpg good4.jpg

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