Wallpaper magazine is ENORMOUS

Another huge issue of Wallpaper. I swiped this from a co-worker this morning.

I’m not going to go into detail, but I really liked this contributors page…

…and this secondary contents page for the fashion section of the magazine…

They also have some really nice, simple product layouts…
wpprod2.jpg wpprod1.jpg wpprod3.jpg wpprod4.jpg

I also liked the look of this page…

…and the photography used in this spread…

Finally, I really liked the last page of editorial in the magazine. A really simple, graphic use of photography and text…

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One Comment on “Wallpaper magazine is ENORMOUS”

  1. d3 in Douglas Says:

    i live in the sticks in Alaska. I would LOVE to get my paws on a Wallperper Magazine. I can wait until I fly out for the holidays but really, really miss it. There is a UK subscription site but could not find one for the states. Can you help me?

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