Cool stuff in April’s Wired

Look at these contents pages in Wired (April). Bobba Fett is obviously 110% badass, and having a shot of his helmet cover the entire page is too nerd-cool for words. Also, I’ve talked about Wired’s secondary contents page before and how much I like it – I love the ’70’ being sucked up by the vacuum here, tiny detail, but super-cool anyway!
wiredcov.jpg wiredtoc.jpg wiredtoc2.jpg

The other thing in here which caught my attention was this illustrated feature on a dodgy green car company’s shady dealings. The illustration style is… kind of telephone book ad/60’s or 70’s styles infographics and illustrations. There seems to be a lot of retro styling going on in magazines right now, especially in infographics and illustration (I’ve written about several examples in previous posts), I wonder if it will start extending more to layouts throughout the magazine as a whole like it seems to have here (I don’t mean just in Wired, more in general). Anyway, I really like it, thought the background colors used make some of the body copy a little hard to read in places.
wiredfeature2.jpg wiredfeature.jpg

Finally, from the front of the book, an almost full-page infographic that uses another retro-modern style. Wired’s infographics are a mixture of styles depending on the type of inormation being displayed I guess, but of the bunch this was the one I thought worth mentioning.

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