Clean, simple layouts in PC Magazine

Was flicking through PC Magazine after swiping it from a co-workers desk. Like many other publications at this time of year, they’re touting it as ‘The Green Issue’ on the cover.

The contents pages are straightforward and easy to read, one detail I think is really cool is an image of the cover on the bottom right of the contents page, with arrows indicating on which page you can find each cover-line story. Not all the stories listed on the cover are as easy to fnd in the actual toc copy, so displaying it like this saves the reader the frustration of figuring out where a cover story within a regular department might be. The second contents page has a sidebar containing content from, I’m surprised more hasn’t been made of this. It’s basically just a box with a few lines of copy and a picture of a computer, nothing really calling attention to it.
pcmagtoc1.jpg pcmagtoc.jpg

The product reviews in here are very clean and simple, as is the layout throughout the magazine. I especially like the way they call attention to particluar features by either calling out a portion of the product in a close-up (see below), or by making a note in red, ‘handwritten’, with an arrow pointing to the feature (also below). It’s really simple and effective without being distracting or over-designed. The product photography is all clean, evenly lit. Hard to tell if it’s manufacturer supplied or they actually shoot it all themselves.
pcmagprodmain.jpg pcmag-imagecallout.jpg pcmagnotescallout.jpg

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2 Comments on “Clean, simple layouts in PC Magazine”

  1. dustcollector Says:

    Just got back from CTIA in Las Vegas [wireless and mobility trade show] and I am shocked at how many poorly designed IT magazines there were at the show. It’s like they were designed in Word 97 or WordPerfect.

    Thanks for the kick in the pants btw….I have more time to post now and will be doing so.


  2. […] one for the team Magazine Death Pool says that PC Magazine (which I’ve written about here) has died an unfortunate death but will be partially resurrected in a continued web presence – […]

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