The Word’s fifth birthday issue

Nick Cave is on the cover of The Word (March 2008), looking completely insane. There’s a nice looking feature inside on him as well, thought the photography was really nice (the pictures were taken by Muir Vidler).
wordcov.jpg wordcave.jpg

I almost went straight past the contents page, it’s right there on the first inside page after the inside front cover. It doesn’t actually list much of the content, and has to also incorporate the letter from the editor as well as a graphic pointer the biggest subscriptions page I’ve ever seen, a double-page spread (although to be fair it’s probably because of the promo they’ve got going on to give away a CD with each subscription).
wordtoc.jpg wordsubs.jpg

As it’s the fifth birthday issue they also include a full page pic of their office and incredibly small staff… pretty amazing considering how much there is in the magazine. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting to see, and I’m glad their office is almost as messy as mine.

p.s: As I was in the middle of writing this post, the WordPress dashboard interface went crazy and changed completely in front of my eyes. It was incredibly annoying and took a few logins and outs to even get it to load properly after that, and trying to insert images just became an even bigger pain in the ass… which is why the above image is larger than the others: because I have no idea what I’m doing again. YAY, another learning curve.

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