GivingCity issue 2 in progress …pics

Just wanted to post a couple of images from a shoot a few days ago… very excited about this next issue. These photos were taken for us by Owen Laracuente, a photographer who I’ve worked with before but not for a while. Digging the deconstructed thing. These look awesome, can’t wait to get this issue together.




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3 Comments on “GivingCity issue 2 in progress …pics”

  1. […] this week for a feature we’re working on for the next issue. Torquil’s posted a few photos on his blog. I think he really likes them. Thanks to Owen Laracuente for the photos and Randy Hinesfor the […]

  2. Great pics guys! Way to capture the essence of the black community in Austin.

  3. shannon Says:

    Thanks to you Owen- great pics!

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