PC Magazine takes one for the team

Magazine Death Pool says that PC Magazine (which I’ve written about here) has died an unfortunate death but will be partially resurrected in a continued web presence – I’m not sure if that means they’re going to put out a magazine on a digital reader or just bulk up the site and update it daily, or both. the reason behind it seems to make sense:

PC Magazine will become a web site only proposition in January 2009, which makes total sense since tech computer and product reviews are the fastest growing, most commonly used areas of the web. Why wait weeks to find out if a Dell computer is slightly faster than one from HP, when you have to buy it now and you don’t want to wait?

So, that’s that. I guess ad sales were low, there was no reason to go on in print. Another one bites the dust. Not very encouraging really.

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One Comment on “PC Magazine takes one for the team”

  1. missalyss Says:

    Eek.. another one.

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