Some recent layout gubbins…

Here’s our cover for TAS from October of this year. I waited until it was off newsstands before writing about it. I think it’s the first typography-driven cover the magazine has produced in its lifetime – at least since it came into its current ownership about…12 years ago I think it was. We had a really positive response from this one, and when I went to the bookstore it really stood out from all the other magazines that are always around it. Of course, if we do it every issue it’ll become gimmicky, but we’re absolutely going to use this approach again in some fashion.


…and this one was the one that we thought all through production “this cover is going to suck!”. We had to shoot these amazingly functional, but very minimalist looking products. They’re basically silver boxes, which is what we deal with almost every issue. The photographer and I talked for a while and decided to just shoot on black, with a really minimal set-up and this rendered light effect and simple, bold type treatment. Luckily for us it turned out to be great – at least from a production pov – and I think it worked well on the newsstands for the time it was on there.


The cover theme continued into the feature layout… I think the page of text/page of pic layout really makes the photography stand out – which is a good thing considering the amount of supplied photography from manufacturers that we have to work with in every issue.



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