‘Harris’ Farmer’s Alamanac for the year of our Lord 2009′


No, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes I’ll be browsing the magazines in HEB after spending thirty minutes playing in aisle 10 (The toy aisle, which I am told by my daughter it’s important to check and see if there are new ones every time we’re there. Fair enough. I’ll put you through University, you’ll put me in a nursing home) and I’ll see a cover impossible to ignore. In this case it’s the ‘Harris’ Farmer’s Alamanac for the year of our Lord 2009′.

It says it was inspired by the original Harris’ Almanack published in 1692. A quick search on Wikipedia comes up with: Farmers’ Almanac is an annual North American periodical that has been in continuous publication since 1818. Published by the Almanac Publishing Company, of Lewiston, Maine, it is famous for its long-range weather predictions and astronomical data, as well as its trademark blend of humor, trivia, and advice on gardening, cooking, fishing, and human-interest crusades. Conservation, sustainable living, and simplicity are core values of the publication and its editors, and these themes are heavily promoted in every edition.
In addition to the popular American version, the Almanac Publishing Company also publishes the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac and a promotional version that businesses can personalize and distribute to customers. The total annual distribution of all Farmers’ Almanac editions is more than 4 million copies.

the publisher – Harris Publications, Inc – also publishes King Magazine, XXL, Scratch Magazine, SLAM Magazine, Rides, Donk, Box, and Bubbles…!

Anyway, I just thought it looked cool. I think they did a good job recreating an old-time look on the cover and inside, although the ads in there kinda screwed up the whole effect. If there had been any cost-effective way of having ads recreated to follow the theme of the editorial it could have been an incredible looking issue.



Some nice individual pages and use of illustration, and the print reproduction itself seems to be pretty good and consistent.




Oh, and check out this ad! I really want to see this thing in action!


Here’s some info I found on their direct competitor named ‘Old Farmers Alamnac’. Apparently the magazine I talk about above was founded in 1818 (so I’m not sure what the 1692 blurb on the cover is about), and their competition and apparent inspiration was founded earlier in 1792. I thought more interesting though was that the publisher – Harris Publications, Inc – also publishes King Magazine, XXL, Scratch Magazine, SLAM Magazine, Rides, Donk, Box, and Bubbles, among others! I should also add that my entire research on this consisted of one Google search, so I’ve probably got my facts completely wrong.

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5 Comments on “‘Harris’ Farmer’s Alamanac for the year of our Lord 2009′”

  1. Marion Blanton Says:

    As for Harris’ Farmer’s almanac, 2010 issue, not to be confused with the ORIGINAL “OLD FARMER’S ALMANAC”, has acknowledged Islamic New Years day on December 18 on the December 2009 Calendar but has completely ignored December 25 as being Christmas Day. ANTI-CHRIST? GODLESS? THAT is the impression that they send to ME! A CHEAP IMITATION of the REAL Old Farmer’s Almanac, right down to the yellowish color of the cover! FOR SHAME! Everyone PLEASE don’t buy this Godless rag!

  2. Earl Heath Says:

    Where can I buy the 2010 Harris Farmers Almanac. I enjoy reading the almanac.

  3. james fletcher Says:

    An unique and readable publication..We have a 1999 copy of where I dont know how we got it.

    HOW do I keep up with the annual publications>

  4. barbara Says:

    very disappoi nted in the publication,,,,,altho it makes good reading the advertising is not what you would expect from the old “Old Farmers Almanic”
    I enjoyed reading and was about to order from House of Wesley Nursery Bloomington Ill when checked out with BBB first to find hundreds of complaints against them………..so then scratch that. But said to self, golly you’d not expect the old farmers almanic to carry ads from a less than A+ graded nursery…..and so further investigation shows harris’ is not old and that is where they catch the unsuspecting………not a good game plan, but then what is?
    i will get me a copy of Old farmers…..and in the mean time lost a little more respect for both Lowes that carries it and also the Harris for trying to cash in on someone else’s reputation….when there’s is far from it. Sad commentary to be sure….part of where the world is going………………down the tubes all caused by people such as…..guess?

  5. I already bought the Harris” almanac for 2012 (well, I bought the Old farmer’s almanac, also).

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