Updated: New TAS cover in progress


This is the final one, minus high-res and date info.

00-tas-192-cover-52 00-tas-192-cover-8

Working on a couple of different versions of the cover for issue 192, have a meeting this afternoon to discuss with the rest of the staff. We’re trying to get away from stuff like model numbers and the usual terms of reference that we’ve fallen into using on there, and to try to freshen up the approach as a whole, without scaring anyone away – the goal being to increase visibility and interest on the newsstand.

Early feedback in the office favors the top version, and on keeping the bottom one (the bolder one with ‘CES ‘ in huge type) for another issue, maybe a buyers guide or something. I’m not sold on either yet, but i think I’m leaning toward the second just because of the overall impact it’ll hopefully have when surrounded by other mags on the newsstand.

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One Comment on “Updated: New TAS cover in progress”

  1. These are gorgeous. I would pick up either one, but the top version would turn me into a lifetime subscriber. It makes me feel like you care about my content, not about selling mags.

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