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Where Five Magazines Are Finding Revenue – via

August 29, 2009


This is a short, interesting read. Worth checking out – here.

2009 Official Lollapalooza Program

August 18, 2009

LOLLA 2009 FINAL 20-21

LOLLA 2009 FINAL 24-25

And another program. We’ve been laying out the Lollapalooza Program for a few years now, and it’s always fun to work on. I still haven’t actually been yet though! (more…)

2009 Official Wanderlust Program

August 18, 2009


Another smaller – literally, this publication was basically passport sized – project completed recently was this program for the Wanderlust Festival. Not terribly complex, but a nice change of look and feel from the other pieces we’ve been putting out. (more…)

Some recent TAS work…

August 18, 2009

TAS 195 20-21pdf

TAS 195 22-23pdf

So we did a huge Editors’ Choice section in TAS 196… there are 80ish pages of categorized product listings broken up by one image per page and navigable (is that a word?) to some degree using the tabs at the side, and the graphic clues on the pages that you’re entering a new section. I know this isn’t the most terribly interesting looking layout, but I wanted to show it here as I think we did a pretty damn good job of turning what could have been a vary daunting read into something fairly inviting and easy to use – especially given its size. I’ve shown all the samples in spreads here, so the ad pages that ran in the print version are here too. Cover and some more samples – including the other main feature layout – after the (more…)

TQ Magazine

August 18, 2009



Absolutely no time whatsoever to post to blog over the past few weeks…months… and I shouldn’t even be now but i need to take a few minutes from what I’m doing to let the brain recharge. Above and after the link you can see a project we completed fairly recently – a new quarterly mag we produced for TAMACC. Lots of fun to work on, and looking forward to getting started on the next shortly so I can fix all the things I see I did in this one (as usual, should never look at the printed piece more than once after I’m done with it…)! (more…)

Chart of UFO sightings in Britain

August 18, 2009


io9 posted this chart via The Guardian about UFO activity in the UK over the past few decades.