GOOD magazine issue 17



I’d stop buying GOOD magazine a while back – partly out of an effort to spend less money (no ladies, I’m not independently wealthy, contrary to popular belief. Nor am I a Formula One race car driver, and I have never saved the earth from certain destruction) – and partly because it just wasn’t making me want to buy it. Anyway, I saw this issue and picked it up because of the cover. Despite the almost unreadable cover-lines up there in the top right corner, this cover made me want this magazine. Totally imaginative and different cover, obviously advertising content that’s slightly different from what they usually put out. Digging the 3-D set made from props used throughout the magazine – although I wonder why they didn’t make the ‘GOOD’ logo in the same way – or all the cover-lines for that matter. Regardless, very cool. I like the visibility of the white strip of information at the bottom of the cover, but think some the information in there could have been a little more interesting.


Inside, they’ve only got one page dedicated to contents. It’s basically a list broken into categories of the 100 (or so) subjects they’ve covered in this issue – they have a lot of content, so have gone with single line entries for each piece (something I wish here was more of this kind of restraint in the magazines I work on at the full-time job, instead of trying to print half of every article on the TOC).


A few pages in and you get to the ‘Quarterly Progress Report’, the purpose of which is to give you an update on what’s been going on with GOOD recently, and a preview of a lot of content you can find online. I like this idea, and the magazine devotes several pages to this, but I’m surprised that they didn’t make it more obvious in the design that you need to go online to read this stuff. I think because so much of the magazine – and in particular this issue – is filled with shorter, front of book style pieces – this whole section doesn’t really jump out as being something that’s meant to be a tool to drive you online…if anything it’s a little confusing and frustrating… frustrating because it seems that with just a few layout tweaks this whole section would become much more efficient. It’s not all teasing web-content, but the majority of it seems to be.


Like the page says, this section begins their ‘First Ever’ GOOD 100. The entire section is a collection of short, front of book length stories, short people profiles and info-graphics.


The card models used on the cover are scattered throughout the section in their appropriate stories. There is TONS to read here, and I can’t see anyone going through this from front to back… like i said earlier, the whole looks like front of book layout and content. It all looks great, in fact I think the only thing that detracts from the layout throughout is that there are very few ads in the magazine, and those that are in there tend to look a lot like the editorial pages, like the one below:


Even the spread ads are confusingly infused with the magazine’s message, like this one:



I think with the addition of a bunch of full-page, full-bleed, colorful ads throughout, the editorial pages would become stronger and more defined, and the consistency in the layout and editorial more of a defining characteristic than it currently is. Nice little touch on the back page folio here:



Also, I like that even thought they obviously spend a lot of time on their info-graphics (above), they’ll still run a straight graph every now and then, like below:


All in all, a good experience, and definitely an issue that I won’t mind revisiting several times. I’ve got to hand it to them: for a magazine that’s only 17 issues into its lifespan, it feels a lot more established and solid than some of the other crap you’ll find on newsstands right now. I’ll be waiting for the next issue now.

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