Visual Aid books arrived from Amazon!


I ordered two Visual Aid books from Black Dog publishing. They’re chock full of fantastic infographics on a random and very wide variety of subjects, and perfect for stealing ideas from…I mean looking at for inspiration. They’ve also recently started selling posters of their infographics, so now I have to figure out how much I have left on my credit card, what I’ll tell my wife, and where I will hang them when my house is in foreclosure. Take a look at their site here.

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One Comment on “Visual Aid books arrived from Amazon!”

  1. seafoodpunch Says:

    damn you! now i’m going to be pulling my credit card out of my freezer again! I love books like this…i’ll be honest though-I was drawn in by the cover (being sucker for vector style art) but i can actually LEARN something too? hazzaaaa!

    Thanks for the fun site! This is my 5th time coming back just so you know.

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