Natalie Word magazine issues 1 & 2 arrived in the mail today

I was going to post a review of this magazine tonight when I saw they had come in the mail (that’s an odd phrase), but I’m honor bound to sample the beers I received from Mr Aaron Chamberlain, who is the owner/operator of approximately 5 million blogs about everything to do with beer – you can find a couple of them here and here. There’s a beer connection to Natalie Word magazine, as the creator of Natalie Word is Marty Wombacher, the guy behind, where Marty is going to (in his own words) “365 bars in 365 days, drink, eat, meet people, take photos and then everyday I’ll put up a post about my latest adventure. It’s going to be a virtual bar crawl around and beyond New York City and you’re more than welcome to come along. To quote Bluto Blutarsky, “It don’t cost nothin.”

I almost don’t want to open them, they’re so well packaged.

So there you have it. Natalie Word review TK.

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