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Reading above my level…

February 11, 2008

…whatever that means. I just got Edward R Tufte’s “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” in the mail today. I have a feeling that however hard I try, most of what he writes will be beyond my limited attention span. However, glancing through it I immediately caught what I think was a dig at one of my own personal heroes; Nigel Holmes, and a very obvious favoring of text-based charts, which may be defeating the purpose of my purchasing this particular book, which was to learn more about the simplification of visual information. Of course, that might be a good thing.

Wall and Piece

January 14, 2008

This is a great book about Banksy, the well-known yet anonymous British graffiti artist. There’s a ton of cool stuff in here, and a lot of it gives me tons of ideas for really graphical photography and type treatments. And it makes me want to go out and spray paint a bunch of stuff. That’s not really the point though I suppose.

December 21, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I was taken down hard by some kind of cold/allergy/flu virus thing, and have spent most of my time taking medicine or laying around feeling sorry for myself.

I did just get a hold of ‘The Best of Gourmet’ (2007 Edition) from Condé Nast books (a christmas gift from a friend who knows I love that magazine). I love their photography, how they manage to consistently make the environment as interesting as the food, but never distracting, and very dark, almost subdued. It never loks like they’re trying too hard to make the food pop or be over-saturated, it’s just there.

Look what arrived in the mail today…

December 6, 2007


Can’t wait to read it, unfortunately I’m on multiple deadlines at the moment and pulling a couple of all-nighters. So after I get some sleep, all this work is done and I’ve made up to my family for being absent, then I’ll read this!

Working on a digital magazine … well in size it’s closer to a newsletter but styled like a digital magazine, trying to introduce that familiarity for the reader so they feel comfortable as soon as they open it. It’s set to be a weekly email blast to readers of its existing print brother, a place to publish the pieces that either couldn’t be made to fit or just weren’t ready at time of print. But we have a couple of other publications on deadline at the same time as this, so we’re running around like headless chickens (if chickens were obsessed with magazines).

Anyway, the author’s blog can be found here.