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October Custom Publishing Facebook page

October 30, 2009

I’m building a Facebook Fan Page for October Custom Publishing (my company), in order to try and get us out there a little more. On there you’ll be able to view almost every page of every magazine we’ve either published or been hired to create thus far. I’d really appreciate you becoming a fan, and I’m happy to return the favor! Take a look at the page here. Introduce yourself!

Where Five Magazines Are Finding Revenue – via

August 29, 2009


This is a short, interesting read. Worth checking out – here.

New Year, Strep Throat, Media Kits

January 12, 2008

It was one illness after another in our house this holiday season. Flu followed immediately by strep throat. I never saw my own tonsils before, but they had swollen so large they were almost touching! Nasty. Had an opportunity to re-design the media kit for my full-time job magazine, which was fun. It was necessary as almost all our staff were at CES this past week, including the sales staff, and I think the previous version had been created in 1982! I was all for creating a digital version of the media kit that we could email to clients as well, like I have for many of my own clients, but alas, the powers that be deemed it unnecessary and a waste of time. Such a shame, there’s so much you can do with a simple PDF nowadays to make the reader experience so much more than just another boring media kit.