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LOCALE magazine project update

June 2, 2010

We recently put together another issue of LOCALE magazine, which we create in it’s entirety here at October Custom Publishing – magazine design, editorial, production… you name it. Now I have to not fall asleep … lots of reading to catch up on, and Natalie Word, GQ, WIRED’s 500+ mb iPad issue, Popular Science, Adobe and other related posts to write. (more…)

April 29, 2010

And here are the corporeal fruits of our recent labors at the full-time job. This doesn’t count the two digital Buyer’s Guide magazines, the print HIFI+ magazine which we haven’t received copies of yet, or the myriad other collateral pieces we work on. But anyway, it’s nice to see them in person instead of onscreen.

Guitar Aficionado Magazine

April 11, 2010

So I only picked this up because I was counting the magazines in Borders with Jeff Bridges on the cover (there were a lot). It’s completely different from what I was expecting. I thought I was going to see dry, copy heavy, middle of the road layouts with some crappy manufacturer-supplied photography, and a feature well phone interview with Jeff Bridges filled out to 20 pages with whatever publicity stills and photos they could rustle up from the interwebs. (more…)

You don’t have to be rich to read OceanHome magazine, but it helps.

April 4, 2010

I’ve been reading a lot of home magazines recently (can’t call them shelter magazines, feels very douchebaggy) because of another project I’ve been working on. OceanHome feels pretty small when you pick it up. Paper feels good, cover very shiny feeling, but not over glossy. I liked the super-bright, clean cover when I picked it up, but the more time I spend looking closely at it, something about the photo is bothering me that I can’t quite put my finger on. Is it the color, has it been really photoshopped? There’s a confusing lack of detail. At a glance it looks great, but spend any time staring at it, and details suddenly become fuzzy messes of color. Was the image really hard to color correct given the amount of information in it?

Coverlines are banal and completely inoffensive. There’s nothing compelling or exciting about what’s happening here. I wonder if they tried to get a shot of the Obamas for their “exclusive”. This is clearly aimed at the high-end homebuyer, and the issue is chock full of very high-end real estate ads including – shocker! – an ad from the real estate agent who manages the Plantation Estate, aka “The Winter White House” featured on the cover. The ad even uses the exact same headline as the cover! (more…)

LOCALE magazine project

March 10, 2010

I’ve been working on this project for a couple of months now – it’s been an interesting experience creating this mini (digital) magazine. I’ll go into more detail later (because I’m lazy and it’s almost 3am), but here are a few pages from the latest issue which went out a couple of weeks ago. I’m excited about where this magazine could go design-wise, and the potential for experimenting once the production process has smoothed out. (more…)

Some recent layout gubbins…

November 21, 2008

Here’s our cover for TAS from October of this year. I waited until it was off newsstands before writing about it. I think it’s the first typography-driven cover the magazine has produced in its lifetime – at least since it came into its current ownership about…12 years ago I think it was. We had a really positive response from this one, and when I went to the bookstore it really stood out from all the other magazines that are always around it. Of course, if we do it every issue it’ll become gimmicky, but we’re absolutely going to use this approach again in some fashion.


…and this one was the one that we thought all through production “this cover is going to suck!”. We had to shoot these amazingly functional, but very minimalist looking products. They’re basically silver boxes, which is what we deal with almost every issue. The photographer and I talked for a while and decided to just shoot on black, with a really minimal set-up and this rendered light effect and simple, bold type treatment. Luckily for us it turned out to be great – at least from a production pov – and I think it worked well on the newsstands for the time it was on there.


The cover theme continued into the feature layout… I think the page of text/page of pic layout really makes the photography stand out – which is a good thing considering the amount of supplied photography from manufacturers that we have to work with in every issue.



Rolling Stone’s 50th anniversary cover

December 4, 2007


Not much to say about this, but I thought it a little odd they used an illustration of their own logo for the cover art. Is that… what is it? I guess I’m surprised that they didn’t do some kind of image of the artists that made their magazine sell all these years. However upon reading, I do think it’s cool that they have a common theme running throughout all their articles “Where We’re Going”… it makes for some interesting content. I think some of the featured artists could have been dropped for others with a little more to say.

Look at what a budget can do for your crappy photos

December 3, 2007


Got the latest Entertainment Weekly in the mail. Couldn’t figure out why I found the cover illustration of JK Rowling somewhat odd, but upon flicking through the magazine to the story on her I realized what it was. The photograph of her was obviously just a good shot from a book signing… a well-lit book signing, but nevertheless a book signing, and didn’t look posed, it was probably just the best of the bunch. So then the illustrator worked around her adding all the Harry Potter-esque elements and came up with a pretty decent (but weird looking to my eyes) cover.

I’m mentioning this here because I can remember literally dozens of occasions where I’ve had to work with the best of a crappy set of photos in order to come up with something acceptable for publication, for a budget of exactly zero dollars. I wouldn’t want to guess how much this illustration cost (there is another full-page illustration inside the magazine of Rowling), or how short a turn-around time the illustrator was given. Also, it did strike me as a little odd that EW wouldn’t have had access to studio-shot stock of Rowling that could probably have been used to better effect. However I’m not knocking the work, it’s effective, very seasonal and unmistakably Potterfied. I also think it’s quite a departure from the usual crap on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and even though she’s on there in large part due to the success of the movies, it’s nice to see a writer as opposed to an actor or model being recognized like this.

p.s: The illustrator’s name is Matt Mahurin.