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Look what arrived in the mail today…

December 6, 2007


Can’t wait to read it, unfortunately I’m on multiple deadlines at the moment and pulling a couple of all-nighters. So after I get some sleep, all this work is done and I’ve made up to my family for being absent, then I’ll read this!

Working on a digital magazine … well in size it’s closer to a newsletter but styled like a digital magazine, trying to introduce that familiarity for the reader so they feel comfortable as soon as they open it. It’s set to be a weekly email blast to readers of its existing print brother, a place to publish the pieces that either couldn’t be made to fit or just weren’t ready at time of print. But we have a couple of other publications on deadline at the same time as this, so we’re running around like headless chickens (if chickens were obsessed with magazines).

Anyway, the author’s blog can be found here.