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Why a blog about magazines?

November 30, 2007

Have you been to the magazine section in Barnes & Noble recently? Or Borders? Or even the gas station down the street where they still ask for my i.d. even though I’m obviously in my thirties at least? Magazines are everywhere. It’s ridiculous. If I was an alien race plotting a silent invasion of our planet, I wouldn’t choose to be a transforming car, or bury myself underground thousands of years in the past until Tom Cruise happens to be there when I awake from my slumber. No, I’d disguise myself and my minions as magazines of all shapes and sizes, watching and waiting as unsuspecting humans everywhere paid for me, took me home to read my alien propaganda and left me in every room in the house. Then, assuming my paper cohorts and I had planned in advance how to do something more threatening than just stun you with multiple exclamation marks, we’d make our move and eliminate the human race. So this hasn’t really answered my own question. Why a blog about magazines? Because I don’t believe that enough credit is given to the significance of a reader’s choice of magazine, and I’d like to explore the reasons behind those choices, from dedicated, enthusiast-mag readers to random purchases in the gas station at 2:13am. What keeps readers reading? What defines a successful magazine beyond advertising sales? Is there always a market for more titles or are there already too many? And above all else, how many are there that are actually worth giving your valuable time and money to?