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GQ Eric Bana cover reminds me I am fat, ugly

February 25, 2008

New american GQ arrived in the mail this weekend. Eric Bana looks good on the cover… is there some weird photoshop going on where his shirt tucks into his pants or is it just the shirt material? Maybe it looks weird because I can’t see any buttons on his shirt. The coverline ‘Eric Bana * Killer Good Looks’ wouldn’t make me want to go read the story on him if I wasn’t already a fan. What is that coverline saying? Down at the bottom of the page there’s a box with a 8pt pink border around it that looks a little clumsy, and a very small white caption looking box below that… I really like the cover photography, but the mixture of text and boxes on the cover layout looks clumsy I think, there’s nothing I look at first, nothing I immediately want to turn to.

The GQ contents page is fairly standard, easy to miss when when you eventually get there after 80 pages of ads.

I really like the look of the front of book stuff, none of it too long, easy to scan, looks interesting and cool. Nice mixture of fluffy content. I love The Sartorialist page, I can’t get enough of his blog since a friend introduced me to it. There’s a nice mixture of illustration, graphics sprinkled throughout the front of book and secondary editorial pieces, which I think is a good idea in a magazine like this, it helps identify the editorial from the photo/fashion heavy ad content.
gqfob1.jpg gqfob2.jpg

Eric Bana spread… the photography is beautiful of course, but I’m not digging the rubik’s cube illustration… the photography is strong, couldn’t it have stood on its own without the addition of an illustrated headline? The following spread (not pictured) is almost entirely text, with a few small photos and a continuation of the rubik’s cube theme as a drop cap.

Personally, this is why I think GQ is the world’s biggest men’s magazine. I freakin’ love this piece… taking young guys off the street (ok, not off the street and yes they’re all better than average looking) and dressing them in clothes that suit their body type and confort level – and includes a look at them before and after. What’s awesome about this is that there’s very little to read but what is there is actually very helpful, for example choosing the correct length of shirt to wear untucked, and can be seen in the before and after shots. The whole piece is so simple and so effective.
gqfash1.jpg gqfash2.jpg