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Esquire cover makes me sad

October 10, 2008

So you’ve probably seen the ‘SPECIAL COLLECTORS EDITION’ ’75TH ANNIVERSARY blah blah blah’ of Esquire (the US edition, with the digital ink cover). I was really looking forward to seeing this and now I’ve got it in my hands I have to say I’m pretty underwhelmed. It does…nothing. It makes the type flash a bit, and makes the cover thick, unmanageable and harder to hold, and really serves no purpose beyond making the Ford Flex ad on the inside cover even more annoying (it was annoying to start with simply because I’m … confused and bewildered by anyone who buys a car that uses so much gas right now). But back to the cover. I guess I was hoping for something that, even if it served no editorial purpose, might perhaps offer the reader SOMETHING in terms of interaction or functionality. Even the option to switch the damn thing off would have been cool. Now I understand this was a huge undertaking on the part of Esquire to get this done. Hats off to them for effort. But I’d really like to know what they were trying to achieve by doing this…is it a sign of things to come? A simple gimmick? Was it done just so Ford could run their ad with the same technology? Ultimately does this make a difference to anyone? Are we going to see a glut of magazines with these stuck on the cover? Maybe a couple, but I bet in the long run we don’t.

2008 magazine challenges

March 3, 2008

I wanted to post a link directly to this story, but for some reason that won’t work, so I’ve posted the whole thing after the jump. I’d like to hear more about the next generation of readers that are briefly mentioned here. Yes, it’s a month or so old, so sue me. (more…)