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Awesome photography in The Absolute Sound issue 223

May 29, 2012

Joel Salcido shot this feature for The Absolute Sound, who are one of the clients we provide magazine design and production services to at October Custom Publishing. Love the stepped levitation. Would love my household objects to levitate in real life, but oh well.

Some recent TAS work…

November 2, 2009

TAS 197 2-3
TAS 197 4-5

Some recent work, featuring some particularly awesome photography from Adam Voorhes. (more…)

October Custom Publishing Facebook page

October 30, 2009

I’m building a Facebook Fan Page for October Custom Publishing (my company), in order to try and get us out there a little more. On there you’ll be able to view almost every page of every magazine we’ve either published or been hired to create thus far. I’d really appreciate you becoming a fan, and I’m happy to return the favor! Take a look at the page here. Introduce yourself!

Texas State employee charitable contributions graphic

October 28, 2009


In the latest issue of GivingCity we ran a story about the thousands of state employees who donate millions each year to Central Texas charities. We made this sample of different organization’s contributions from a random selection of agencies. I thought the contrast between the different agencies was shocking – even after you take into account the number of employees per agency. In the magazine I had to make this graphic fit to the spread, but I made this version so that I could show all the information unhindered by the page-size. After realizing I had all this empty space on the right, I also decide to place the actual pages from the story on the graphic – they remain readable. You can see the original after the jump, or download the whole issue here. (more…)

GivingCity Austin magazine issue 4 available for download

October 28, 2009


It’s that time of the year again where in-between neglecting duties to my family and multiple full-time job deadlines, we somehow managed to crank out another issue of GivingCity Austin. Please hit this link to download, and PLEASE send it to as many people as possible. We’re probably not going to do another unless we can find someone willing to bankroll it for us, so the more people that see it, the better chance there is that someone may want to.More pages after the jump….although I’d really rather you went here and just download the thing. (more…)

Phew. Now back to work.

January 7, 2009

I’m a little messed up in my schedule right now, and keep waking up at 130am (assuming I was able to get to bed by then) ready to go. So here I am. The next issue of GivingCity magazine is now available to download here.


I’m pleased with it but also glad it’s over for another issue, and I can focus on some other tasks. The next step with GivingCity is to start selling advertising in it and making it pay for itself. I’m pretty sure we’ve picked the worst time possible to try to start a magazine, and of course doing it entirely in our spare time isn’t ideal, but we’ve got to start somewhere right?

givingcity-issue2-5 givingcity-issue2-6 givingcity-issue2-8 givingcity-issue2-15 givingcity-issue2-20 givingcity-issue2-25

Anyway, we’re always looking for feedback on the magazine, so we can put out the best product we can. Of course I feel like there are some shockingly bad pages in there that I now wish I’d done differently, but there’s also a lot of stuff I’m happy with, so I guess I’ll live. I do feel like it’s a big improvement on the first issue, and I hope the third is even more of a step forward than this was over the first. Please take a look and tell us what you think.

Radar is funny, masters slick grungy look

April 8, 2008

Got the April issue of Radar. Never bought an issue before but I loved the cover of this one and had to pick it up. Poor Tom Cruise? I dunno.

The contents pages are pretty standard, not much going on there, but easy to read and uncluttered, which is a bonus, as well benefitting the ad opposite. Nice photography, and it’s a nice change not to have the magazine broken up into a million different too clever for their own good named sections. The masthead is cool, takes up the entire page but looks completely different.

The loook of the front of book content is really clean, and from a distance really plain, but once you get in there, as well as a lot of content, there’s a lot of detail in the use of graphics and pull-quotes. Some of it is functional, like the key on the sidebar about former political candidates, other stuff is more decorative, cool looking designer fluff, but there’s never too much of that. I like the use of colored copy and the different sized type, that combined with the illutration and kind of randomness of some of the pics – especially the celeb headshots (and wtf, Spencer Pratt…what?) – is never too messy, it always manages to hit just the right balance of coolness. It helps that there actually appears to be stuff to read here, and not just editorial turds being dressed up by the designer. Plus, love the timeline on gayface!

There’s also this interview spread which uses a 5 column grid incliuding the sidebar, opposite a really sweet looking full-page photo. I’m surprised the copy reads so easily across 5 columns, the large dropcap helps anchor the interview as absolutely the main piece you need to read, which helps seeing as the sidebar was placed on the far left of the spread.

Finally, the feature stories are cool looking, following basically the same template as the rest of the mag. The photography is good, and the tpye treatment on the Will Arnett opening spread is really good. I’ve seen that broken up deck joined by arrows thing used in a few different magazines just this month, I’ll see if I can find them and post ’em here too. Oh, and check out the photo on the veery last spread posted here – totally awesome, best photo I’ve seen all year! Okay, maybe not, but it’s close.