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Rolling Stone and Jack Johnson’s massive head

March 3, 2008

Rolling Stone photographer Martin Schoeller buried Jack Johnson up to his neck in sand for the cover of issue 1047. It’s a really nice, crystal clear shot, would have liked to have seen more like this on the actual story inside the magazine, but it turns to a more generic set-up inside.
rscov.jpg rsjjfeat.jpg

The front of book stuff and the reviews at the back all look very similar, but very nice. They’re clean, easy to read and very Rolling Stone (see my comments about Paste magazine’s look a post or two below). Like the use of illustration, and the occassional graphic thrown in there. I also like the white lines around the cutouts on the society-type photos.
rsfob1.jpg rsfob2.jpg rsfob3.jpg rsrev.jpg

I never normally mind inserts, but there is a huge one in here – the 2008 Hard Rock annual – which for some reason kinda pissed me off, then another one from Converse on the opening spread of the Ray Davies feature which looks ridiculous and completely ruins the look of the entire spread. Click to see bigger…