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Vibe’s double-sided cover

February 21, 2008

March 2008’s Vibe has an alternate cover on the back, featuring photography from the same shoot. Not sure what led them to decide to use the ‘smiley’ version for the main, newsstand cover side, but I prefer the flipside, with Bobby DeNiro in character instead of looking happy. Both are cool though, but I wonder what made them decide to do this kind of cover? Don’t they lose a ton of money in ads by not selling the back cover? (I may be wrong in assuming that the ‘smiley’ side is being used face out on newsstands, I’m just guessing, as that’s where the barcode white block is, and the main coverline). I would love to photograph Robert DeNiro, the older he gets, the more interesting he looks. See both covers below.

Website contents page in magazines

February 20, 2008

I want to go into more detail on this later, but thought I’d just mention the ever-increasing ways publishers are finding to drive print readers to their websites, to the point where some magazines have full pages dedicated to the website’s content, just like a regular contents page. Here are some examples from Condé Nast Portfolio (February 2008), Vibe (March 2008), and Wired (February 2008). I was surprised that Wired don’t offer much more than what’s here, they have a pretty popular and content-heavy site after all…however a lot of their editorial does end with a link to further writing or other content. Also, note Vibe give equal billing to the website at the top of their masthead.